Differences In Agency Relationships

When searching for property with a real estate agent, there are multiple ways that you can choose to be work with and be represented as a buyer.

  • Agent of Seller/Listing Broker (CUSTOMER) – The listing agent or seller of the property offer a percentage of the sale price as commission.  Therefor, you are a customer of that agent or seller. If you choose to work with an agent without signing a buyer agency, you are by default working with them as a customer.  Both the seller and your REALTOR, by law, will need to disclose all defects and material information known to them about the property, but this is where your relationship ends.
  • Agent of Buyer (CLIENT)-  As stated above:  The seller or listing agent is offering a commission to a selling agent or broker.   By default, your agent is working on behalf of seller.
  • Dual Agency-   Working for both the seller and buyer.  This is most common when an agent sells there own listings.  The listing agent was hired by the seller to represent them.  If a buyer works with the listing agent, this can pose an issue.  Who represents who?!?  

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