10 Benefits of a Flat Fee Realtor

We understand the hesitation of listing with a flat fee realtor. Most individuals don’t understand the benefits of a flat fee realtor and think there’s a hidden catch. As Wisconsin’s best in flat fee real estate, Exsell is here to educate you on flat-fee listings, and how it can help you save thousands on seller’s agent commission costs. Below are the top 10 benefits of working with a flat fee realtor. 

1. Save on Commission Costs

We understand that commission costs can be expensive and a bother. As a flat fee MLS real estate brokerage, we do not collect the typical 6% commission. At Exsell, our flat fee rate is $2,500 and only 2.4% goes to the agent representing the buyer, saving you thousands on agent commissions. We ensure your home is listed on MLS listing services, but do not leave you after merely listing your home, rather help you through the selling process. Check out our commission calculator to see how much you can save.

2. Efficient Sales with No Catch

There is no catch! You receive full-service listing experts who manage the process from consultation all the way to close. Do not let our cost savings fool you. We are a full-service agency. You get everything you would expect from a traditional real estate agent, but with the added benefit of working with a technology-enabled, customer-focused team.

3. Timely Sales Process

When you choose our flat fee realtors, you are given a turn-around time fit for your needs. Once you complete our forms, we upload your site to the MLS. The MLS then propagates your property on all local listing sites and, if you want, national listing sites. 

4. MLS Listing Services

As a for sale by owner (FSBO) seller, we understand that you would like to be as hands-on in the selling process as we are. You are given access to your online listing to control all the minute details – photos, price, location concerns, description, etc. 

5. Less Commitment

With traditional real estate agents, you are locked into a contract, and committed to paying the 6% promised in that contract. When using a flat fee service, there is a ‘no obligation contract’ which allows you to exit the contract and sales process at any point. You will not pay a flat fee unless your home successfully closes. 

6. For Sale by Owner Listing Tools

As an FSBO seller, you are not given all the assets available to real estate agents. When you choose our flat fee services you are choosing to gain MLS key boxes, marketing documentation, flyers, and assistance from our expert agents on how to use these assets. 

7. A Comparative Report

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report is critical towards choosing a listing price. We will provide this type of report to make sure your property is listed appropriately. If you were to sell your property without one of our flat fee realtors, this asset would not be available to you. 

8. Accommodate YOUR Schedule

With a flat fee agent, you will be in contact with your full-time real estate agent for most, or all the selling process. This is all tied to your schedule. Our flat-fee agents will list, book showings, and open houses according to your schedule. We will accommodate your schedule and be here during each step of the selling process.

9. The Planning Ahead Process 

Flat fee listings will help you plan your finances for your future home. There is no need to pay a fluctuating realtor’s prices. No matter what your home sells for, the price you pay one of our realtors will be the same. This financial planning allows you to think about the finances for your next home.

10. Knowledgeable Realtors

Our team of agents has assisted homeowners and FSBO sellers using a flat fee to sell their homes. Our teams’ services include reviewing, suggesting, and assisting with updates to the MLS listing of your home.

Now that you have learned just 10 of the benefits of a flat fee realtor, put this knowledge to use. Consider selling your home with one of our expert flat fee realtors! Get started by seeing how much your home is worth and getting an estimate on what you could save to sell with a Wisconsin flat fee realtor.

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