Dan Burgeson


Specialties: Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Consulting, Other

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“I am a highly motivated and driven real estate agent with a clear vision of my personal and business goals. I’m an effective communicator and aspire to uphold the highest level of customer service. I pride myself on my problem solving skills. I have 10+ years of real estate experience with a history in investment real estate, new construction, and resale property. Personally, I continue to purchase investment real estate and feel that doing so keeps me humble to the real estate process and allows me to be an “outside the box” thinker while assisting my clients. I have great resources and network with the most brilliant of minds. I do love real estate and the people I meet. It keeps me going!”

When Buying a Home: I would love to work with you as your buyer agent. I always look out for my clients best interest and assist, not only locating the perfect home, but negotiating the most favorable terms. I tend to be a more proactive rather than reactive personality type. I do this by spotting any issues that could hang up financing or salability of a property, prior to or at start of negotiating. I always look to provide the most accurate market information pertaining to each purchase transaction. I also effectively outline and communicate contingency timelines and outline all available options.

When Selling a Home: I like to think of myself as a straight shooter and tend to speak direct. I provide my home sellers with the most accurate and current market data. I like to inform and show home sellers exactly how our local MLS system works and where/how we effectively market your home, and the audience it captures. I not only look at market sales to determine value, but also take into account cost and income approach to selling. Today, the real estate market is ever changing, and at Exsell, we acclimate. I strive to sell your home for the highest NET dollar amount, and at the lowest overhead (FLAT FEE MODEL). I strive to achieve this while also providing the best presentation and image of your home to market. My goal as a real estate agent is to get your home sold and net you the most money possible, without sacrificing customer service.