Casey Fisher


Residential Real Estate Specialist

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Selling homes has always been my dream.

Growing up with an architect like my father, there was a lot of showing up late to hockey practices due to detours he’d take to show me every house that caught his eye. Mix that with all the HGTV shows we’d watch before bed, and an older brother that started a construction company, I began to see the beauty and potential in every home and grew a passion for real estate.

As a Realtor in my early 20s, I’m blessed to have the opportunity to learn from such an amazing group of professionals at Exsell Real Estate Experts. For most people, the purchase or sale of a home is one of the biggest and most important financial decisions of their lives. I strive to do whatever possible to make that process easy and stress-free for my clients while saving them money with our 1% sales approach.

Whether you’re buying or selling, investing or a first-time home buyer. My goal is to help you feel taken care of. Being a young Realtor, I know firsthand just how complicated real estate can be to an unfamiliar eye. Keeping clients informed and in the loop is key to a smooth process and a lasting relationship!