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Homes are my passion.

As an accomplished carpenter and contractor, I was looking to spread my knowledge to a new area of the housing industry and was naturally drawn to real estate.

Buying/selling a home is an impactful moment in life. Regardless of if you’re buying, selling, investing, a first-time home buyer, or a seasoned professional, I’d love to be a part of your experience. I pride myself on being a people-person and a family-man and I extend the “family feel” to those I work with. In 2019 my wife, 2 children, and I purchased and remodeled our current home; to this day I take pride that my wife boasts that it’s her “dream” home. The experience with my own family has inspired me to help others find their own “dream” homes.

With focus on my client’s needs as well as my knowledge of the building end of the housing industry I believe I’m able to give clients the extra edge needed to win in this competitive market.