FLAT FEE Common Questions

Is Exsell a full service company, and will you do everything that is important in selling my home?

Yes, our listing program has proven to successfully accomplish everything needed to sell your home, save money, and sell it faster! As a matter of fact, our homes sell on average of 70 days faster than the local big name companies and we save our Sellers on average of $8,500 per sale.

How much will it cost me?

The cost of listing and selling your property is a flat $399.00 upfront + $1,500 at a successful closing. You also would offer to pay a buyer's agent a percentage of the sales price as commission.  This way you do not miss out on any broker activity.

Will you help me when I get an offer?

Yes! We are here to help you 7 days a week. We have a team full of expert negotiators who are here to represent your best interests, and get you the absolute best deal possible. We will walk you through the entire process including all counter offers, amendments, 3rd party inspections, appraisals and title company work, right up till the day you sign off closing the deal.

How long does the contract last?

As long as you would like it to! In our contract you can come and go whenever you please, and we’ll re-list your property at no charge for as long as you own the property. Some of our sellers offer their home both for rent and for sale at the same time, and will accept the best offer that comes along. We need you to know that we are here to do the absolute best job possible, and to offer the “Exsell No Obligation Contract Policy”.

How do you make money? This seems too good to be true!

Going on 5 years of business, we are a very sound company. Our philosophy is that we are in the Real Estate industry to be what Red Box is to Blockbuster. Over the years we’ve changed with new technologies, simply making the experience less expensive for the same product/ services. The question isn’t why our company is charging so little, but rather why are traditional Realtors still charging 4-6% to sell homes?

If I find the Buyer, do I still have to pay the 2.4%

No! If you find the buyer yourself you do not have to pay the 2.4%

Will other Realtors still show my home?

Absolutely! We still offer other Brokers the 2.4% co-broke fee to sell your house, just as if they were to sell one of their own listings. We focus on saving our clients money on the selling side of the transaction, and still promote and market to the 20 thousand+ Realtors throughout Wisconsin along with the National sites throughout the US.

What marketing is implemented in selling my home?

When it comes to the marketing and exposure of your property, we go all out. Every single Real Estate website that Realtors and Buyers are searching on, your house will be listed on too. Whether it’s local, state wide or nationwide, it’s our job to make sure that anywhere the Buyers are looking, your house will show up in front of them too. Check out our step-by-step marketing plan. Click here…

Is my house marketed and listed on other Broker’s web sites?

Definitely! Even if Buyers are looking and searching on other Realtors web sites throughout Wisconsin, your house will come up. Other Brokerages such as Shorewest, Coldwell Banker, Remax, and First Weber operate great web sites and property search functions, so if you’re listed as a full service client, you’ll show up EVERYWHERE!

Do you host open houses or can we host open houses?

Due to our large inventory of properties, we can’t promise our Sellers that we’ll be able to do open houses for them, BUT if you’d like to host your own open house, we’ll give you the tools to do so, and market the open house for you as well.

Does Exsell have a showing/ scheduling service, or do you personally handle showings?

Exsell utilizes state of the art technology, and the most up to date systems. When we list your property we set you up with our showing system in which schedules, communicates, confirms, and updates you on all potential Buyer showings. Best yet, the system also gives you post showing feedback to let you know what the Buyer and Realtor thought about your home.

Are you full time or part time agents?

Full time! As a company and personal representatives to you in the Selling and Buying process, we are always available for you. Typically through phone call, text message, email, and office hours, we’ll be able to assist you right away or else return calls/emails within 4-6 hours.

Do you offer the signs, lock boxes and marketing material?

Yes! Like our marketing systems, we make sure to give you the most attractive, eye-catching pieces. We offer large hanging yard signs, arrow signs and details for potential Buyers to inquire via phone or internet. We also offer a combination lock box so only Realtors have private access to open your home upon your approval for showings.

Are there any additional fees, hidden costs or surprises?

Absolutely not! The only costs associated with listing and selling your home is the flat $399 up front, and $1,500 at the time of a successful closing. If a Buyer’s agent procures the Buyer, then you pay 2.4% of the sales price to them.

Do you take good photos of my house when it gets listed?

Amazing photos, YES! When we list your property, we do everything to maximize marketing efforts to get the home sold. We’ve hired a professional Real Estate photographer to take stunning photos of your home, and showcase it’s absolute best features and attributes. With the age of technology and over 90% of Buyers and Realtors looking at homes online, your first showing happens when they see the photos of your house. If they like what they see, they’ll be contacting us to come see it in person.

Do you stage properties, or have access to a stager?

We personally don’t stage homes, however our Agents will have some very good insight on the staging to-do and what not to-do’s. We work with a professional stager who will personally come out to your house to consult with you. There’s also furniture rental available with our staging consultant. Please click here to view our trusted vendors section.

Are your fees negotiable?

Lucky for you, we’ve already tailored our Selling prices to be at the absolute lowest price possible. Thus, giving you the best savings and opportunity to sell your home faster, all while saving you thousands!

Do you have references or testimonials?

How many would you like? At Exsell, we sell hundreds of homes every year and can confidently say that our clients are raving fans for life. Click here for a review of our testimonials, or contact an agent directly to get personal references with past client phone numbers and details.

Can I assist in marketing through local sources, social media and flyers?

Definitely! In today’s tech world social media and other online sources have huge success in reaching large numbers of friends, family, local community and thousands of others. We give you access to links so that you can share your property on all social platforms. With this, you have the ability to promote it to the world. You never know who’s in the market to buy a home; all it takes is that one special person.

Do you stay in contact throughout the listing and do market updates?

Yes! At Exsell we understand and respect our client relationships and know that communication is very important. On all of our full service listings, we do a monthly review with you. We go over all of the questions you may have, show feedback reports, marketing activity, recently sold and new listings in your neighborhood. On top of that, we go over pricing strategy, marketing ideas and plans to get you an offer.

Do you also represent buyers?

Absolutely! Even though our business model is tailored towards sellers, we still work with a very large amount of Buyers. We have so many properties listed that we also have a great pool of Buyers, who could possibly be interested in your home right now. In most situations we are so successful in selling our clients homes, that we are also the ones who then represent them on the buying side of their next transaction.

Do you have a staff or team?

At Exsell Real Estate Experts we have a great team of professionals responsible for all parts of the buying and selling process. Throughout your transaction, you’ll have access to everyone on our team, all of who are working together and striving for the same goal.

Do you work with other vendors or service providers?

Yes! Because we do so many transactions and work with so many people, we’ve had the luxury to also work with many great vendors. We’ve spent great time figuring out who’s the best of the best, which in turn we give you full access to those same people. Click here to view our full list of trusted vendors.

What’s your business philosophy?

Our clients are either selling or buying the biggest investment of their lives, our goal is to provide the absolute best service and experience to all of our Buyers and Sellers. On top of that, providing industry leading flat fee selling options to sell faster, and net them more money. Flat fee is with no doubt the future of Real Estate.

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